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By N. Leveck

Yep, it happened

Entered in vim


On 15 October 2019 Halliburton laid me off. I started working there on 17 February 2005. It was a long and bumpy ride.

I lost yesterday to a hang over. Man, that was a doozy. So much tequila the night of the 15th. At least the bar "lost" my debit card, so I got to skate on the tab. I have been notified my new card has shipped already. I do not remember most of the night at the bar with my former coworkers. It has been years since I had a night I do not recall...

I have a dozen or so apps out there so far. Appointments have been made for the state to help me polish my resume, classes to learn about programs to help us job seekers, and an interview class.

So far, I do not feel a huge amount of fear. I have a plan. I am executing it. Wish me luck!

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