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RE: ratfactor vimwiki

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Recently ratfactor posted1 about using vimwiki potentially as the environment for his gopher and www site, and using a script for publishing. I have a suggestion for you pertaining to this:

No script is needed. Have the site be the wiki. As in have the files live in /var/gopher or /var/www/html -- you can symlink one to the other and have one set of files. If you use markdown as your format it'll still be readable on gopher, and you can use hoedown to on-the-fly generate html for the www site. No extra work. You can also configure vimwiki to recognize markdown style links and voila.

  1. https://leveck.us/gopher/?url=gopher://sdf.org/0/users/ratfactor/phlog/2019-10-01-another-month-off 

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