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On PIM (RE: jirka and xiled)

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Recently xiled wrote a reply1 to jirka2 about PIM software.

Now, I have never been a huge user of the PIM software that came on the Palm. However, as I have mentioned3, I have taken steps to use the ToDo list and other portions.

I have also been (slowly) reading Getting Things Done4 in an attempt to become more organized. I find myself in the same sort of exploratory situation as xiled of coming up with a system to use. I already carry a Treo 90 everyday, so I am planning on this nebulous future system utilizing this device. I do use the myNotes functionality of PeditPro5 to keep a journal. I was formerly using PalmWiki6, but switched to a running file format as an experiment. I am open to going back to PalmWiki in the end if I determine it to be the best option.

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