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By N. Leveck

On the Palm Ultra Thin Keyboard

entered on the Palm Tungsten C using the Palm Ultra Thin Keyboard


Several days ago, I made an $8 purchase on eBay. For this paltry sum I received an "untested" Palm Tungsten T3 that turned out to be pristine! Included was a Palm Ultra Thin Keyboard. Holy shit! This thing is ultra thin. It is way thinner than the Palm device it came with, and damn near the same foot print. It uses the Palm Universal Connector, so it works on many devices. My Tungstens C&W, T3, and when it gets here my m130 can all use it.I am typing this in my lap with no issues. It is made of metal and rigid. The keys are roughly the size of most laptop keys. There are only four rows of keys, however. You must press one of two function keys to produce numbers or punctuation. In practice this is not a deal breaker.

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