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ICONameBlog Entry Title

TXT20191205On mellow
TXT20191122Catch up
TXT20191105On Free Time
TXT20191026Not much
TXT20191017Yep, it happened
TXT20191015Not RE: s-word (cat)
TXT20191012Ratpoison, layoffs, inversion
TXT20191002RE: ratfactor vimwiki
TXT20190930On PIM (RE: jirka and xiled)
TXT20190923On the Palm Ultra Thin Keyboard
TXT20190922bRE: Jirka, Palm OS questions
TXT20190922RE: visiblink - I'm going thru your stuff
TXT20190914On the 90 percent of gopher...
TXT20190910Gnu direvent
TXT20190907Received the Tungsten C
TXT20190831ROOPHLOCH 2019
TXT20190826Received the first of two new devices
TXT20190824Cleaned up HTTPS->HTTP proxy code
TXT20190823HTTPS->HTTP Proxy for Plucker
TXT20190819On Plucker
TXT20190818Fun with Palm doc format
TXT20190816On comp.unix.shell
TXT20190815Treo 90 Arrived
TXT20190810New Palm Device Coming
TXT20190803On a satisfying lazy day
TXT20190801Re: visiblink (camping gear)
TXT20190731On Camping
TXT20190721Catch up
TXT20190630On a balmy Sunday
TXT20190623On being social
TXT20190622On this weekend
TXT20190618Warm weather
TXT20190611On reinventing Gopher
TXT20190607Music Update
TXT20190601On activities of late
TXT20190516The last month
TXT20190414On Isolation
TXT20190329Solo RPG Ideas
TXT20190317On changes
TXT20190302On North Dakota in February
TXT20190224Changing schedule
TXT20190220On further messing with the Lifebook P1120
TXT20190214On old Windows
TXT20190209Apple Newton eMate 300 Battery Mod Complete
TXT20190208On upcoming retrocomputing projects
TXT20190125On phlog revisions and the small internet (RE: visiblink)
TXT20190124On joy
TXT20190120On the OmniBook 800ct Restoration - pt. 1
TXT20190119On attachment to equipment (RE: sysdharma)
TXT20190118bPocketChip flashing in 2019
TXT20190118Computer Timeline
TXT20190117On tmux awesomeness
TXT20190113On Old Stuff
TXT20190112Writing Progress
TXT20190111Days off / eMate 300
TXT20190107The projects are rolling in
TXT20190101Happy New Year!
TXT20181231Bone Conduction Headphones
TXT20181228On further device segmentation
TXT20181227On the Vance Fry Dana Batt Hack
TXT20181224Alphasmart Fonts
TXT20181223AlphaSmart Dana fun
TXT20181221On darkness and mood
TXT20181219On bringing back the blog
TXT20181218In between dejavu
TXT20181217On the in between
TXT20181211Re: tfurrows :: Handera 300
TXT20181209The 1436 Files (part deux)
TXT20181206Handera 330
TXT20181202On the adventure of retro devices
TXT20181129On Projects Nov2018
TXT20181128So much cool stuff going on
TXT20181126On restlessness
TXT20181119On a pattern of delay
TXT20181118On WinCE devices - RE: Visiblink
TXT20181113On the last week
TXT20181105Travel tomorrow -- a week gone
TXT20181104On the much maligned Sony Clie PEG-UX50
TXT20181031Delays with the UX50
TXT20181022Got my Palm IIIxe today
TXT20181020Re: Jirka (UX50)
TXT20181019I have a problem
TXT20181018On Plucker
TXT20181017On trips
TXT20181014On the last week
TXT20181006On tags
TXT20181004Checking out
TXT20181001More on the palm os stuff
TXT20180930Adventures in chroot!
TXT20180928On Palm Devices
TXT20180925bre: enforced anonymity tomasino
TXT20180925Installing Ubuntu on an RCA Cambio 2-in-1
TXT20180921On vim as damn near anything
TXT20180918On Void Linux fun
TXT20180914On WSL and General Nerdery
TXT20180912Personal Computing Ecosystem
TXT20180909On the www
TXT20180830On so much to do, so little time
TXT20180826On Memory
TXT20180824On Raspberry Pi
TXT20180817On Work
TXT20180804Gopher stuff
TXT20180802On happiness in the face of massive disagreement
TXT20180726On web as newspeak: limiting features to corral people
TXT20180725Good to be home
TXT20180716On the last day of freedom
TXT20180712On where I find myself today
TXT20180709On life segmentation and happiness
TXT20180706Old-man observation and Wiki progress
TXT20180626On Pursuits
TXT20180623On the Internet Archive as Backup
TXT20180621bRE: Tomasino - moleskines
TXT20180621Curveballs and Stamina
TXT20180618bWell that didn't last long
TXT20180618On setting up a graphical user interface on the Raspberry Pi of Anguish
TXT20180616On the joy of simplicty
TXT20180610On vimwiki and the merger of 1436 and http
TXT20180608On abuse of the language -- adulting
TXT20180606On Death and Uncertainty (RE: alexschroeder)
TXT20180603On miniature books -- Pocketmod as RPG Tool
TXT20180530Responses to txminth
TXT20180528aOn bicycles
TXT20180528Funeral Next Weekend
TXT20180525On mind free to roam
TXT20180520On fun rpg tools
TXT20180519On a mobile pencil and paper gaming setup
TXT20180517On Multiplexing A Phlog
TXT20180506World creation progress (Ice Age Campaign)
TXT20180505On playing with actual people
TXT20180429On the ice age RPG project
TXT20180428On all-in-vim + git (pt 2)
TXT20180427On vim
TXT20180423On world creation
TXT20180419On gaming progress
TXT20180409On the third week
TXT20180331On my take on a note and task app
TXT20180325On gopher proxies and search engines (again), hoarders, and gnu screen
TXT20180324aOn interviews (re kichimi)
TXT20180324On My Game Master Assistant Script
TXT20180322RE zlg - Refactor or Rewrite
TXT20180318Hey, sysdharma - There are feeds on 1436
TXT20180317aOn RPGs
TXT20180317I Need To Change Gopher Servers
TXT20180315Calendar Solution
TXT20180312aOn Server Reduction + Vim Tip
TXT20180312Phlog Rewrite - Part the Next
TXT20180311On my console experiment
TXT20180310aOn gopher self-sufficiency and RFCs
TXT20180310On SDF, Also Music
TXT20180308bOn the RPoD Phlog Rewrite
TXT20180308aOn tcsh and more troff
TXT20180308On Redoing My Linux Android Tablet
TXT20180306aOn Freetime
TXT20180306On Layout
TXT20180305On the specialness of gopher (reply to ckeen)
TXT20180304On the interesting stuff you can learn on gopher
TXT20180228SDF sticker
TXT20180226On defeat
TXT20180225More on music website progress
TXT20180224On my music website and VPS
TXT20180222On learning shells
TXT20180220Reply to Ulcer
TXT20180219aOn music and weather
TXT20180219On moku-pona
TXT20180217aMore on SDF listing
TXT20180217On the weekend
TXT20180214aSDF listing update
TXT20180214On the work week
TXT20180212aOn SDF phlog listing
TXT20180212On laptop cleanup and the Energy Sector
TXT20180211bOn EDC
TXT20180211On catching up
TXT20180129On the difference of age, or it ain't a big deal
TXT20180127On project progress
TXT20180121Computer Inventory
TXT20180120On Gutenberg... redo
TXT20180119On hats
TXT20180117On the Thinkpad project
TXT20180111On entropy and the randomness of life
TXT20180107On uptime
TXT20180106On software (reply to Solderpunk) and laptops
TXT20180101On the new year and laptop sadness
TXT20171230On comments
TXT20171229On phlog replies
TXT20171226On the Raspberry Pi of Anguish
TXT20171222On capitulation
TXT20171217On further simplication
TXT20171216Phlog replies (pet84rik, tfurrows, slugmax, tomasino)
TXT20171215On a simple pastebin
TXT20171211On backups
TXT20171210On my favorite software
TXT20171209On the beauty of Unix
TXT20171205bSent to my department on
TXT20171205On email (part 3)
TXT20171204bOn gopher to http proxies
TXT20171204On Arch on Android
TXT20171203On email UPDATE
TXT20171202bOn email
TXT20171202On life enrichment thru lurking
TXT20171201On the coming new RPi
TXT20171129On site updating (some more)
TXT20171126On the between times
TXT20171125On the past
TXT20171124bOn a memory of web past
TXT20171124On some todos for RPoD
TXT20171122On thanksgiving
TXT20171120On mobile gopher
TXT20171119On resonance
TXT20171115On gopher, lynx, and UTF-8
TXT20171113On a ~$65 Linux box
TXT20171106On the RPoD DocumentStore
TXT20171104On device
TXT20171103On music
TXT20171102On temptation
TXT20171029cOn git and gopher
TXT20171029bOn Politics
TXT20171029On Project Gutenberg
TXT20171028On electronics and music
TXT20171027On sustainable hobbies
TXT20171026On RPoD Phlog
TXT20171022On technology and personal honesty
TXT20171020On Asceticism
TXT20171014On life, Music, PPC, GopherProxy, Kindle
TXT20171008On Relating
TXT20170929bOn gopherbook
TXT20170929On the dream setup
TXT20170924On Social Networks
TXT20170923On Archives
TXT20170921bOn Git
TXT20170921On GG Alin
TXT20170920On the Project Gutenberg Gopher Frontend
TXT20170917On Victories
TXT20170910On odd forum bugs and laptops
TXT20170907bOn the RPoD Gopher Proxy
TXT20170907On email
TXT20170902On the RPoD Discussion forum
TXT20170830On Projects
TXT20170828On searching for content
TXT20170826bOn figuring out wifi
TXT20170826Omnibook 800ct Project Update
TXT20170821More on the Eclipse and Why CSS Ruins the Web
TXT20170819OmniBook Project Update
TXT20170817On False-Flag Ops and the Solar Eclipse
TXT20170814Nostalgia Tripping
TXT20170813Trampoline park, my music, etc.
TXT20170812on the rejoining of sdf
TXT20170810No days off for you

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